Call for Abstracts

The VegMed 2020 Scientific Committee would like to invite you to submit your
research abstract which will be considered either for oral or poster
presentation. Two of the submitted abstracts have the opportunity to be awarded as either “Best Paper” or “Best Poster” and are rewarded with prize money.

Abstracts must be submitted electronically via email ( or the email form at

The submission deadline is the 15 October 2019 (please see further information for late breaking abstracts).

Please note the following information regarding your abstract submission:

Official Language for Research Abstracts, Presentations and Posters
All paper and poster presentations at VegMed 2020 must be submitted in English only.

Abstract Categories
Please submit your abstract relating it to one of the following 4 categories:

  1. Mechanisms of plant-based nutrition (e.g. microbiome, telomeres, angiogenesis, epigenetics, inflammation, oxidative stress);
  2. Implementation of plant-based nutrition into daily clinical routine and into (health) policies
    Current research on plant-based nutrition and individual diseases, in particular neurological and psychiatric diseases;
  3. Clinical research on plant-based nutrition (special focus 2020: neurological
    and psychiatric diseases)
  4. Miscellaneous: Research regarding plant-based nutrition or effects of plant food which doesn’t fit the focus subjects.

Publication of abstracts:
All accepted abstracts will be published in the congress abstracts volume.

Abstract Submission Deadline on Oct. 15, 2019, 6pm CET
(deadline for late breaking abstracts is Jan. 15, 2020)

Structure of Abstracts

Title: The title should be in title case and not contain more than 25 words.

Author details: All authors’ names should be supplied in the surname-first format and the initial letter of the first name. Please supply email addresses for all authors. Please indicate the presenting author in bold.

Affiliation: All affiliations should contain the department, institution, city and country.

Abstract text: Body of abstract should be written using the following headings: Introduction, Objectives, Methodology, Results and Conclusion. Abstracts must be
limited to 250 words. Abstracts longer than 250 words will not be considered for review.

Format: Arial font. Font size should be 10 (title in 11).

Exemplary Abstract

Effects of a Plant-based Diet on Human Cardiovascular Health in Space: Results of
an Interplanetary Randomized Controlled Trial

Conelli, C1,2, Bonelli B1, all following authors2[…]

1 Food University, Institute for Nutritional Medicine, Berlinion, Faircountry.
2 Departments for Integrative Medicine, Immanuelito Hospital, Berlinion, Faircountry.






Further information:

Only original scientific material will be accepted, which has not been published or accepted for publication in printed or electronic formats upon the submission deadline. However, material presented at local, regional or national meetings may be submitted.

Late Breaking Abstracts
Late breaking abstract submissions are open for latest research results.
Late breaking abstracts are abstracts that contain results not available at the general abstract submission deadline.

Abstract Selection
All abstracts will undergo rigorous peer review by at least 2 academic reviewers per abstract. Based on the peer-review results, the VegMed 2020 Scientific Committee will determine whether abstracts will be accepted as oral or poster presentations.

Presenting authors will be notified of the peer-review results of their abstracts via email. An abstract ID will be announced for each submitted abstract.
Presenting authors must accept their invitations to present by latest 28 February 2020. If an invitation remains unanswered after this date, the abstract will be withdrawn.

Registration and Commitment to Present
All presenters must register to attend VegMed 2020. Registrations fees,

accommodation, transport costs etc. cannot be covered by VegMed 2020. If the original presenting author is unable to attend, the submitting author must contact the Scientific Committee via email with the name of person presenting on his/her behalf.

Publication of Abstracts and Abstract Withdrawal
The VegMed 2020 Scientific Committee will withdraw an abstract upon written request from the submitting author. Requests for withdrawal must be made before 28 February 2020. After this date, we cannot guarantee that a withdrawn abstract will be excluded from publication in the conference abstracts volume. Requests to withdraw an abstract must contain the submitting author’s name, the abstract title and abstract ID. To withdraw an abstract, please contact


Best Abstract Awards
Two of all submitted abstracts have the opportunity to be awarded as either “Best Presentation” or “Best Poster” and are rewarded with prize money during the VegMed 2020 conference.

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