Elmar Stapelfeldt

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin

During my civil service in a southern German meditation center there was nothing else available to eat – however, the healthy feeling in body and mind brought about by the Vegetarian diet there was so convincing that I remained Vegetarian until today, i.e. more than 20 years. During my Indology studies, ethical motivations were added. Thanks to Ayurveda medicine, I discovered the medical effect of a meatless diet as a therapeutic tool, but also the differentiated use of honey, ghee and other dairy products, if they are produced with the best possible care. Nowadays, as a medical Ayurveda practitioner and nutrition consultant at the Immanuel Hospital Berlin, I can observe the health benefits of a Vegetarian diet in my clients every day. The scientific background for this approach is generated by my work as a research fellow in our research department for clinical CAM of the Charité Medical University Berlin. Since the first conference in 2012, I am part of the organizing committee of VegMed. It is my heart felt wish to bring together people in Berlin, in order to discuss the benefits and implementation of a Vegetarian diet in the medical field.

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